Red 7 Card Counting System – Is it the Easiest Strategy to Use?

If you want a simple blackjack system but with a professional level of playing, the red 7 card counting system is the one and only strategy to use! This system gives the player about 80% of the normal advanced blackjack systems without the need to increase one’s skill sets.

The rules of the red 7 system:

1) Aces are given the value of -1.

2) All cards of 2’s, 3’s, 4’s,5’s and 6’s are given a value of +1. This is due to the fact that when you see them on the blackjack table, it means there is less of them from the deck shoe and the advantage is in your favour.

3) All cards of red 7’s are given a value of +1. But for black 7’s they are given a value of 0. This is to create a critical imbalance to the game so that you do not need to add any more calculations on other variances in the game. This is the key to the simplicity and power of the red 7 system.

4) All cards of 8’s and 9’s are given a value of 0. So you can ignore these cards when you see them.

5) All cards of 10’s, J’s, Q’s and K’s are given the value of 0.

When you sit down at a table and start playing, use a count value of -2 and multiply by the deck number of let us say 3 decks, then the set count is -6.

When you do this, you easily know the advantage has come into your favour when the count is 0, and you can increase your bets accordingly without worrying what other factors might arise. Statistically, you have a 1% edge over the dealer but also remember that the dealer has a good chance of winning against you! Do not over bet your limit!

A few notes when using this method:

– Taking insurance when playing one or two deck games when your count is 0 or higher.

– Stand on 12 when dealer up card is 2 and stand on 15 when the dealer has 10 if your count is +2 or more.

– When your count is 0 or higher, stand on 16 when dealer has a 10 and on 12 when the dealer has a 3 up card.

Although this system is unbalanced, when you try to look at true card counting techniques, you have to second guess how many decks are still in the shoe and also try to round off deck estimation to achieve the true count. In the end, this imbalanced strategy releases the player from guessing or learning extra skills to do other work and only concentrate on the cards themselves.

But again, no matter what strategy you use, your self-control over your money matters is the ultimate blackjack tip and secret to winning this game all the time!

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